Historic Panoramic Photo Reproduction of Harley-Davidson Rally




Historic Panoramic Photo Reproduction of Harley-Davidson Rally at the Old Fairgrounds in Redwood Falls on July 4th, 1942.

1928 Gypsy Tour at the Steele County Fairground

Both with Matching Frames

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History of the photos:  When the Gypsies came to Redwood Falls

They called themselves gypsies. They were bikers and motorcyclists, primarily from the twin cities, who spent the early decades of the 19th century touring across Minnesota.

They were the Minnesota National Gypsy Tour and they were right there in River City. The Gypsies, 150 bikers strong, visited Redwood Falls in August 1938 and then again for the 1942 Fourth of July celebration.

“No matter where they went, they had an annual panoramic picture taken,” Scott Larsen of the Redwood County Historical Society said. The Redwood Falls photo was taken in front of the old grandstand at the Redwood County Fairgrounds. The gypsies planned on taking a gas rationing break after their 1942 tour, as it turned out, the ’42 tour was their last.

Redwood Falls welcomed the gypsy tours and the resulting entertainment. The two-day event was filled with noisy fun, racing, motorcycle polo, trick riding, “flaming board wall crash” and “slide-for-life behind the car” stunt.

All that fun could be viewed for a mere 50 cents for adults; children under 15 years of age were admitted for a quarter. Apparently the show was more fun than some communities could handle. “Most towns don’t invite us back again,” a University of Minnesota student who accompanied the 1942 tour stated sadly to a Redwood Gazette reporter.

They never had a chance at a third visit, as gas rationing kept the tour on hold for 1943 and 1944. The group didn’t travel as the Minnesota National Gypsy tour again. “We think these tours were the forerunners of Sturgis,” Scott said, adding that 1945 saw the beginning of the motorcycle rally in Sturgis, S.D.