Become a Museum Member




As a Museum Member, you are part of a very important network of citizens in the community that help support the society’s mission of preserving and promoting Redwood County History.  Your membership means that the historical society can continue to be active and a vital part of the community by keeping history alive.  This year we worked on the following projects at the museum:

*Painted the 130-year-old schoolhouse (interior and exterior), placed louvers on the Bell Tower, replaced the tin ceiling in the entryway, and repaired the wood floor in the entryway.

*In the process of moving the 1860s jail to a permanent foundation near the schoolhouse.

*New double-sided sign at the museum entrance. Installation to be completed.

Your membership dues support special projects, educational programs, and continued  maintenance of the museum site.  As a member, you  make everything we do here possible and help keep our doors open during the summer months.

We also have a genealogy center!  Submit your requests to our genealogist, Click Here.  The cost for research is $10 an hour with a 2 hour minimum.  Looking for old photos of Redwood County?  We may have what you’re looking for, so email us a request.

Our gift shop has a wonderful selection of history books, postcards, and other novelty items, and will be open by appointment during the winter.

On behalf of the historical society, thank you for becoming a member and supporting Redwood County history.   We hope that you will continue to show your support by attending Summer events or by volunteering your time to help out with various events!

If you would like to purchase Museum Membership over the phone or in-person please call: 507-641-3329