The Story of a County, Vol. II




Redwood The Story of a County by Wayne Webb

This is a book that goes well beyond the historic years between 1862 and 1962, for here can be found the sagas of the men that touched the area decades before the creation of the county. And here, too, is indicated what trends of civilization may be in store for its future population and institutions.

Redwood The Story of a County, Book 2, 1963-1987

The Redwood County Board of the early 1960s had the foresight when it commissioned Wayne Webb to write “Redwood The Story of a County”, the county’s first history since the Curtis-Wedge books of 1916. Webb’s book began with the founding of Redwood County in 1862, and ran into the early months of 1963.

County commissioners of the 1980s displayed similar foresight when they approved a 25 year update of the Webb history and the book you are about to read is the result. It covers the years 1963-1987, and what an interesting quarter century it was. Not always pleasant, and downright unpleasant at times; but very interesting.