Sheridan Township

(Reference: History of Redwood County, Vol. I 1916, pgs. 338-340)

Sheridan township is located in the north central part of Redwood County; township 112-37. It is bounded on the north by Kintire and a half mile of Delhi, on the east by Redwood Falls , on the south by Vail, and on the west by Vesta. The Redwood River flows through its central part. The Vesta-Sanborn branch of the Chicago and Northwestern crosses its southwest corner. Its only village is Seaforth with a population in 1915 of 146 people. 

The original survey of this township was made during 1864 by Charles Davis and James Webb, Jr., U.S. Deputy surveyors. The work was started on August 13, 1864. The land was rolling prairie and meadow. The soil was first rate. There was no timber, except for small clusters of cottonwood and willow along the Redwood River. The Sioux Indian reservation line extended through sections 12, 11, 2 and 3 of this township. The west part of Sheridan township was included in Yellow Medicine township by act of the county commissioners March 2, 1868, and the east part was considered a part of Redwood Falls township, beginning with the organization of the county. 

January 4, 1870, commissioners approved a petition for Holton township to organize, with the present boundaries of Sheridan. When the voters met at George Reiber’s January 22, the names of Holton, Bath and Sheridan were voted upon, and the results were in favor of Sheridan. The name was officially changed to “Sheridan” September 8, 1870. 

The first school was taught in the summer of 1874 in a building on section 6 erected for the purpose. Weldon post-office was established in 1873, with Thomas Barr, postmaster; the office was discontinued in a few years. The first marriage was Adolph Leonard and Bertha Holton in 1872. Albert Clark, born September 26, 1872, was the first birth. The first death was Annie, wife of Laurence Holton, who died August 29, 1872.