Grand Opening at the Museum, May 18 – 7 to 9 pm

There were numerous attempted and successful bank robberies, many assaults, larcenies, embezzlements, burglaries, frauds, forgeries, arson, bootlegging and many other crimes that can be committed by man, putting Redwood County in the headlines quite frequently. But of course, because of their violence, murders usually got the most attention. March 24, 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the “Kleeman Ax Murders”. The ax used in this ghoulish crime will be on display throughout the summer. Also on display are items used by sheriffs to apprehend and confine prisoners; including leather Billy clubs, old leg irons, “iron claws” used to restrain or control a prisoner, also known as “come-alongs”, and you’ll find out why. Adrian Lee, well known psychic and author will be exhibiting a collection of paranormal investigating equipment, from the earliest days of ghost hunting right up to the modern day; many used personally on investigations all over the world.  Included in the exhibition will be the history of spirituality and fortune-telling in Redwood County and Minnesota, as well as, strange and bizarre exhibits; including vampire-slaying kits, spirit people, haunted dolls, voodoo artifacts, and a rare Kuman Thong from Thailand. This is the first exhibition of its kind anywhere in the country; you won’t want to miss it! Sales from the Expo Guide Book ($10) will benefit the Southwest Crisis Center.

Admission $5 at the door; proceeds benefit the Redwood County Historical Society