Gilfillan Estate

Charles Duncan Gilfillan purchased 13,000 acres of land in Redwood County. On the site now known as Gilfillan, Charles built a beautiful home and offices, and later a grain elevator, stock yard, and tenant homes. He raised livestock for export to Great Britain.

Charles Oswin Gilfillan who was born in 1872, succeeded his father as owner of Gilfillan. He built the Morgan Library as a memorial to his father, and gave 160 acres to help support and maintain the building. Gilwood Haven in Redwood Falls, the Wabasso Library, and a building in Clements housing a lounge, fire hall, and council room were other Gilfillan gifts.

The farm site was left to Redwood County Historical Society to be kept in memory of C.O. Gilfillan. Its intended purpose is to preserve the history of the Gilfillan Estate and the surrounding area and to make this history available to the public.

Tours of the Gilfillan House are available daily during FarmFest


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