The Colonel of the Zouaves

By Noah Brooks A Story of the Civil War Among those who accompanied Abraham Lincoln on his journey from Illinois to the national capital, was Elmer E. Ellsworth, a young man who had been employed in the law office of Lincoln and Herndon in Springfield. He was a brave, handsome, and impetuous youth, and was […]

History of the MN Map

About 1930, Clara Painter, President of what was then called the Minneapolis College Women’s Club, exhibited a pictorial map of the Arrowhead Country being sold by the Hibbing, Minnesota Branch for their Fellowships Fund. Prudence Cutright, a member in Minneapolis and head of the curriculum department of the Minneapolis Public Schools, suggested that a map […]

Curator’s Corner

Now that the museum is officially closed until next spring, we’re busy covering the artifacts in each room to help protect them from the long, harsh winter ahead. Many thanks to volunteers who help me get the buildings winterized before the cold season hits. We closed out the season with the Gilfillan Fall Festival. There […]

New Avon Township

New Avon Township is located in the central part of Redwood County and bounded on the north by Redwood Falls, on the east by Three Lakes, on the south by Willow Lake, and on the west by Vail. The surface is level and gently rolling. The Evan-Marshall branch of the Chicago & Northwestern crosses it […]

Early Threshing Methods

The first threshing methods involved beating grain by hand with a flail or trampling it by animal hooves. An early threshing machine, patented in 1837 by Hiram A. and John A. Pitts, Winthrop, Maine, was powered by horses walking on a treadmill. Improvements weren’t made to the original machine until late in the 1800s. The […]

Meaning of Thanksgiving

Colorful leaves blanket the ground, harvest season is almost through, and frost is on the pumpkins; we give thanks for all the blessings received throughout the year by celebrating that very special holiday known as “Thanksgiving”. For many of us, the meaning of Thanksgiving usually includes a great turkey feast, 4-day weekends, football games, the […]

Curator’s Corner

The season is almost over but we’ve been busy with many activities this month. For starters, I’m happy to inform you the schoolhouse project is almost complete. Exterior painting of the building is almost done, Jim Czech has completed repairs to the tin ceiling and floor in the entryway, and John Moore will be replacing […]

Charles Duncan Gilfillan

Charles Gilfillan was born on July 4, 1831 in New Hartford, NY. He was the son of a carpet weaver and woolen manufacturer, and the family immigrated to the US in 1830 from Scotland. His name will be permanently associated with the early history of the city of St. Paul, owing to his connection with […]

Swedes Forest

Swedes Forest township is located in the very northern corner of Redwood County, lying  south of the Minnesota River. In September 1865, Nels Swenson and a man named Holz, both Swedes, had come to the township, building a cabin in a section of woodland, soon called Swedes Forest. This name was selected because a “Swede” […]

Play Ball

Baseball and softball have been a part of Wanda for the past 60 years or so. Organized semi-professional baseball was played in Wanda as far back as the 1920s and the cost of playing a game approached $1,000. These teams were fielded by donations from local businessmen, baseball fanatics and, of course, ticket sales. Hired […]